10 Useful iPhone Apps for Small Business Travel

August 8, 2011 6:00 am3 comments

Unless you’re George Clooney in Up in the Air or United Airline’s “Number One Customer,” business travel can be a very stressful experience.  Flight delays, cancellations, sky-high (no pun intended!) currency exchange rates, speeding tickets, expense tracking and planning restaurant reservations on the move can all make the difference between a painless business trip and a business trip from hell.  Check out these 10 top iPhone apps for small business travel to make sure your travel plans go off without a hitch.

App: TravelTracker Pro
What it does: Rated as best app by American Express. Comprehensive travel application which has been compared to a personal travel assistant or travel agent.

App: Currency
What it does: Up-to-date exchange rate information for over 100 currencies and countries

App: Trapster
What it does: Keep track of speed traps, red light cameras and speed cameras.

App: Babelingo
What it does: Translated phrases for a variety of situations in 11 different languages

App: Keypoint
What it does: Create presentations on your iPhone

App: Expensify
What it does: Expense- scanning app and expense reports

App: Taxi Magic
What it does: Free online taxi booking service

App: TripDoc
What it does: Travel planner and organizer

App: OpenTable
What it does: Restaurant reservations

App: Yammer
What it does: Small business social networking application for employees


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What do you think of these apps?  What travel apps are you using for your small business?

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I loved George Clooney in ‘Up in the Air’ what a perfect roll for him to play and it reminded me of my life. TravelTracker Pro is my personal travel assistant and is the best app I’ve found for planning out my business trips for Dish. I travel frequently so I find that Expensify is such a useful app in keeping all my records straight even linking to my credit card. In fact, all the apps listed are fantastic for the avid traveler briefcase in hand but what about stress. I usually whip out my Dish Remote Access app that I make sure is on my iPad since it gives me access to all my content at home especially my movies on my DVR. When airport delays or limited hotel TV options are an issue, this app takes care of the problem. Although I’d rather be traveling with George Clooney, I’ll keep my iPad as my travel companion on every trip.


Business apps are easier to make when you know the necessary service.


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