Google+ Hangouts Expanded to Better Accomodate Business Meetings

November 15, 2012 8:14 pm2 comments


Google launched Google+ intending it to function as a B2C social networking platform. As it turns out, it has become rather useful for businesses. In particular, Google+ Hangouts has become a popular tool to hold team meetings for the increasing number of businesses that have flexible work hours and a virtual workforce.

The latest iteration of Hangouts now includes the ability to invite 15 people, up from a previous limit of 10. Hangouts can be scheduled within a calendar entry, held within Gmail, and even used to edit a Google document together as a team.

By the way, this Google+ Hangouts commercial is brilliant. Kind of puts into perspective the absurdity of most business team meetings.

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Written by Philip Nowak

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PhilipNowak moderator

 @Plucio Agreed. That's the one thing Google+ does better than Twitter and Facebook.

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