How Santa Claus Used HootSuite and Social Media to Save the Holidays [FirmologyTV]

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HootSuite found a brilliant and undeniably fun way to show off their prowess to businesses in need of a social media management dashboard.

After seeing a tweet about the melting polar ice caps (please spare us the politics) interrupting mail service, Santa quickly switches to his backup plan using HootSuite to organize his North Pole team.

The cute video shows Santa going through all the typical motions of running a business: finding out what customers want by searching for keywords, posting job ads for seasonal staff on LinkedIn, having Mrs. Claus train the new staff at HootSuite University, tracking performance metrics and relying on his Chief Elf Officer for logistics and fulfillment.

HootSuite even launched a command center to help Santa complete his journey around the globe:

According to HootSuite’s YouTube channel, Santa uses his command center to:

  • Monitor and track keywords to see who’s been naughty or nice this year.
  • Find out which products are trending, to get elves’ production going.
  • Discover what each kid around the globe wants for Christmas.
  • Track the overall Christmas spirit and sentiment, via keywords.

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Written by Philip Nowak

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