Hireology 2.0 Arrives to Help Businesses Make Better Hiring Decisions

February 21, 2013 10:04 pm1 comment

Hireology has launched version two of its hiring and recruiting platform to help businesses find the best employees.


Hireology has launched the next version of its hiring and recruiting platform for businesses. The Chicago-based startup was co-founded by recruiting industry veterans Adam RobinsonMichael Krasman, and Jeff Ellman after they decided to launch an all-in-one hiring platform to help small businesses “make better hiring decisions.” While Hireology originally targeted small businesses, they have since expanded their pricing plans to appeal to enterprises and found a niche with franchise customers such as How Do You Roll? custom sushi shop.

hireology_logoThe web-based hiring platform provides businesses with all the tools they need to find competent job candidates that won’t turn out to be flakes, will excel at their job, and will be a good culture fit. Hireology’s job platform includes a job board, job profiling tool, fully scripted interviews and guides, candidate scorecard, workplace behavior testing, reference check module, and criminal, credit and background checks.

Hireology 2.0 features include:

  • New Design. After getting extensive product feedback from one of their customers, the Hireology team decided to completely overhaul the design of the site.
  • Resume QuickView. Instead of waiting for each résumé to download, customers can now hover over a résumé to preview it, rate the candidate at the top of the page and scroll to the next candidate’s resume.
  • Interview scheduling/email visibility. Hireology now tracks any email, interview invitation, or skills test sent to a candidate. Previously, businesses would have to take notes manually about their communications with candidates.
  • Candidate document forwarding. Businesses can now send candidate information to non-Hireology users to help make hiring decisions.


Pricing is offered at a flat rate based upon the number of jobs a business would like to have open at the same time: $24/month for 1 job, $89/month for 5 jobs, $149/month for 10 jobs, and call for quote for 30 jobs (enterprise pricing). All plans include: unlimited users, unlimited candidates, unlimited resume storage, behavioral interview system, candidate checks for a fee (credit, drug, and background), social media sharing for jobs (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) reporting and analytics, training session, and a dedicated account manager.

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