1 Billion Professional Endorsements Have Been Given on LinkedIn [INFOGRAPHIC]

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It’s been about six months since LinkedIn introduced endorsements, a simple recommendation system that allows LinkedIn members to recommend another member with just one easy click. The new endorsements have been wildly successful and recently reached the one billionth endorsement, which happened to be for someone with expertise in water treatment.

LinkedIn members like the new endorsement system because it’s painless and frictionless. Rather than spending an hour crafting the perfect well-sanitized “rah-rah, this person is awesome and I would never say anything bad about them since it’s being posted on their LinkedIn profile” paragraph recommendation using the old system, members can endorse someone with one click. That’s it. Done. Their endorsement appears alongside others and can avoid writing that long-form recommendation that might haunt them later in their career if the person they endorsed turns out to be a flake, fraud, or failure.

Learn more about endorsements with this LinkedIn SlideShare:

Conversely, LinkedIn claims that endorsements are actually increasing the number of recommendations written. Member profiles with endorsements are four times more likely to be viewed on LinkedIn and receive twice as many recommendations and skills added.

Fun Facts About LinkedIn Endorsements

  • First Endorsement: Visual C++ (computer language)
  • Billionth Endorsement: Water Treatment
  • Endorsements Per Week: 50 Million
  • Top Five Endorsements: Strategic Planning, Customer Service, Microsoft Office, Project Management, Recruiting

Of course, LinkedIn made a nice infographic to sum it all up. Check it out and let us know what you think of LinkedIn endorsements in the comments below.


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