Google Keep Helps People Remember Things

March 21, 2013 8:48 am3 comments

Google introduces a note-taking and memory archiving app to challenge Evernote and drive usage of Google Drive.


Google has launched a note-taking and memory archiving app called Google Keep, which positions it in direct competition with Evernote for their share of the “help people remember things” market. With its integration with Google Drive, not only does Google Keep provide users with storage space and a nice web dashboard, but it also gives Google another channel for promoting and driving usage of Google Drive.


As soon as I heard about Google Keep on Google’s blog, I downloaded it right away and started playing around with it. Coincidentally, I’ve been carrying around a worn out sticky note full of to-do’s in my wallet, so I quickly jotted them down as a checklist in Google Keep. It was painless and took just a few seconds.

Say goodbye to worn out sticky notes.

Say goodbye to worn out sticky notes.

4 Ways to Save Notes in Google Keep

  • Note. Google Keep’s default option for saving a thought is a note, where users can enter a title, note and a photo. A fun option is the ability to pick one of eight colors, making the note look like a virtual sticky note.
  • Checklist. Instead of a note, users can choose to jot down a checklist. Pick an optional title  and jot down your to do’s. Easy as that. Don’t forget to pick a color and snap an optional photo.
  • Photo. Users can snap a quick photo to spark their memory in the future.
  • Voice Memo. Sometimes, it’s just easier to record a voice memo, especially when you’re hands are not free and you’re in a hurry.

Google Keep is free and available to download at the Google Play store for devices running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich and above.

Has anyone tried Google Keep out yet? How does it compare to Evernote? Let us know in the comments below.

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Horrible timing, but news is news. :-) Thanks for the comment, Danny Brown!

Danny Brown
Danny Brown

Now why would people trust Google to do anything right with this, after announcing just days earlier they were killing Reader? Dumb timing.

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