WeDeliver Wins Techweek 2013 LAUNCH Competition

June 29, 2013 1:17 am1 comment


Community Outreach Service Reconnects Consumers With Local SMBs

This year’s winner of Techweek’s LAUNCH competition is WeDeliver, a same-day delivery service connecting local communities back to their SMBs (small and medium sized businesses).

“Everyone shops online and they’re all looking for deals,” said founder Jimmy Odom during his five minute talk. “What they don’t realize is that item could be within three miles of them.”

Driving home his point that online shopping is slowly killing the local small business during his presentation, Odom went on to talk about the benefits, transparencies, and monetization of his startup.

By transferring consumer revenue from the big box stores to the local SMB, WeDeliver is crowdsourcing product availability to local consumers via local delivery services by utilizing one-click access to online products from local SMBS.


Connecting consumers back with the community, WeDeliver supports cherished SMBs while generating revenue, creating wages on a local level, and adding more jobs to the market by simply creating a service around community outreach.

Offering at least $20 per delivery, WeDeliver pays more than the top-paying courier/messenger service currently offers in Chicago and employs strict screening and onboarding for potential and new employees.

Offering live tracking and communication with your delivery specialist, WeDeliver allows users to define their delivery times (no more playing tag with the FedEx guy!) using the delivery dashboard. Users can manage deliveries that are in route, schedule upcoming deliveries, and view notes and delivery confirmations.

So the next time you’re browsing Amazon for a new set of pans or a used book, consider what your local SMB might be carrying and how WeDeliver can bring you closer together.

Congratulations to Founder Jimmy Odom, WeDeliver and your success at TechWeek 2013 LAUNCH!




Thanks for the coverage Laura. We appreciate all the support we are getting from the community and this post helps us get the word out about what we are building. 

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