Crappy Airline Food Is An Inspiration To Product Development

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Finally, something good has come out of an airline meal: inspiration.

As long as the mile-high meals have been despised, airline companies have worked hard to develop a better product, providing a serious lesson in how to delicately tailor product for picky consumers.

Competition is pretty tough in consumer markets, so tailoring products to customers’ needs and wants is obviously in the best interest of the producer, yet it looks like the airlines are blowing other industries out the water when it comes to product development.

Impossible as it may be to smooth out every wrinkle in your product, buffing out the biggest issues can boost sales and customer loyalty. Try to stray away from Lululemon and Abercrombie&Fitch product strategy—alienating customers who voice dissatisfaction with your product only serves to sever customer relationships and kill your profits.

Read more about why airline food sucks and what the airlines are doing to fix that at Fast Company Design, written by John Brownlee.

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