All In All, It’s Just Another Feed In The Stream

November 23, 2013 8:00 am0 comments


In case you weren’t aware, your email is technically just another feed in your list of streaming info.

How many email accounts do you have linked to your phone? One? Two? Five?

If you’re a contract worker, entrepreneur, or simply a workaholic, your email is your most treasured info feed, a glorious trough of opportunities and projects.

But, as with any form of streaming media, the methods and strategies behind are changing, mostly to accommodate a more social, yet private, nature. Where most media streams are centered around the user, Peter Yared of CBS Interactive speculates in a TechCrunch article that email will soon gravitate towards social-circle- and interaction-based algorithms, similar to LinkedIn’s and Facebook’s messaging protocols.

While this might not necessarily be a bad thing, for some, especially marketers and contract workers, pre-determined email sorting methods out of the user’s control can strip  away a serious communication advantage.

Yared briefly speculates that email could evolve in to a user needing to be introduced to anther user via a mutual contact before being able to send messages.

While it’s doubtful that radical change could be set in stone any time soon, the foundation of the matter rests on social media’s impact on the evolution of communication and privacy.

Read Yared’s entire article on the evolution of email at TechCrunch.

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