Firmology’s Week of Thanks: Small Businesses

November 27, 2013 8:00 am3 comments


For the week of Thanksgiving, Firmology is publishing a week-long series of Letters From the Editor giving thanks for the technology, innovation, and people which make Firmology a resource for SMBs and startups. Join us in giving thanks and share  your thoughts below!

How boring would life be if we didn’t have small businesses? Our communities wouldn’t have the unique points of interest or the wonderful goods and services these businesses provide without their presence.

Small businesses make a lot of things possible: jobs, better consumerism, and a home for other small businesses.

While some may say that they’d be find just living off of the big brands, there’s much more to be had from that local mom and pop store than their product or service. SMBs tend to be more invested in their community, as it’s their means for survival.

SMBs are more likely to listen to their customers, develop meaningful relationships with their regulars, and be more willing to offer quality products.

Without small businesses, you wouldn’t have a great butcher to tell your friends about, or that bakery just down the street who catered your holiday parties, or a clothing boutique to buy that jacket everyone keeps asking about. And those small businesses wouldn’t have access to other small businesses that keep them running, like their ecommerce tools that make it possible for you to shop online, or a design team to help with their branding campaign, or even a wholesaler for their product.

Today, Firmology gives thanks to all the small businesses out there who have helped to make our communities a better place to be, who have boosted our economy, and who have thrived with the help of creative marketing, innovative tools, and fellow small businesses.

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PhilipNowak moderator

Good lord. Why does the bookstore look like a dungeon!? Ha ha ha.

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