Is Viral Content Losing Its Buzz?

December 11, 2013 5:00 am3 comments


As the famous saying goes, knowledge is power.

But can too much information be a bad thing? To which another saying can reply, everything is good in moderation. Little did the person who said that know what the internet would become.

Today’s internet is not the same as it was 10 years ago and will be outdated 10 years from now. The sharing of information is not only easy, but also moving at the fastest rate it ever has. With so many different methods to share content, there seems to be no end in sight.

We all digest huge quantities of content on daily basis, whether we like it or not. It is very difficult to completely shut yourself off from this information stampede. The worst part of all is that people have been reprogramed to be addicted to information. We are hungry for information—we want it fast and we want it now.

This growing thirst for content is what is fueling this new viral content consumption movement. Getting one piece of content to be shared around the globe used to take some time, but now it is done in a matter of seconds. Does this cycle have an end in sight? Where is this moderation we keep hearing about?

At the early stages of the viral phenomenon, there wasn’t much content competition and the focus was on a much smaller number. The opposite is now in effect: so much content is constantly being circulated that we can barely process one piece of content before we are forced to digest the next.

At the pace we are going now, we have become immune to the effects of viral content. The glitz and the glamour of viral content is gone, we no longer want it, but we need it.

Mass sharing of information is only going to increase over time. Time will tell whether this will have positive or negative effects. Will we ever get tired from the constant barrage and want to slow down or is the system too big to fail?

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I don't know which will fail first, we or the system. I personally wish to take a brake from it all, but if I do i will fall behind.

PhilipNowak moderator

@ChristianReese I think you're right. With sites like Buzzfeed, Distractify and Upworthy pounding viral content, it's a matter of time before people become numb and burned out. Mashable even introduced Velocity email alerts, which are powered by an algorithm that tries to predict what content is about to go viral.


@PhilipNowak Well, the industry has always tried to figure out how the average person thinks and thus predict what he might do. People are not always as rational as companies want them to be.

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