Tech News for SMBs and Startups: Base, Dropbox, Google, iContact, Podio

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Podio is Holding a Live Support Event on May 6th, 2014. Podio, the Copenhagen-based project management platform, is holding a live support event for new and existing customers. The event will be held online, but those in Denmark really benefit as they get to check out Podio’s offices, meet the team, and free drinks/snacks. Register and read more >>

Base Releases Appointment Scheduling. Sales and CRM software provider, Base, has released the ability for customers to schedule and track meetings on their phone, tablet, or computer. Features include two-way Google Calendar sync, invitations, and running late notifications.  Read more >>

iContact Enhances A/B Split-Testing Feature. Email marketing service provider, iContact has enhanced its split-testing feature to allow messages to be reused. Email marketers can now reuse the winning or losing version of a split-test message to test it against other variables. Read more >>

Dropbox Opens Office in Australia. In an effort to grow its enterprise business client base, Dropbox, the cloud file storage provider, has opened its fifth office in Sydney, Australia. Lots of job openings in sales, recruiting, IT, and user ops. Read more >>

Google Expands Cloud Platform to Asia Pacific. Developers and startups in Japan and China now have access to Google’s Cloud Platform infrastructure, which has built notable success stories such as Angry Birds (Rovio) and Snapchat.  Read more >>


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