What Google’s Revamped AdWords Can Do For Your Small Business

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Successful marketing campaigns take a lot of work, and often a dedicated person (or staff) to keep it running smoothly.

When Google first launched AdWords, the work load became a bit more streamlined: your online campaigns were manageable from a dashboard, you had access to multi-functional reports, and you had control over the direction in which your ads were sent.

But managing your campaign was still somewhat cumbersome and the science behind the service wasn’t as accommodating of the fact that the majority of consumers were migrating the majority of their time online via app usage.

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With online usage declining and app usage on the rise, Google AdWords has relaunched their service to better accommodate these shifting statistics while also catering to SMB scaling.

Here’s an overview of the new features you’ll find in AdWords:

Targeted Marketing

Much like how Facebook incorporates user data in their algorithms to target advertising, Google AdWords will be targeting app ads based off of user history, such as previous downloads and purchases.

Better App Shelf Life

How often have you downloaded an app, used it once, and then left it to gather the dust of the internet in your app drawer? Well, you’re not a minority statistic.

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AdWords will now actively attempt to redirect users back to the apps they already have on their devices. By integrating the ability for users to open up a search result via their app from Google, AdWords adds an additional strategy in to your marketing campaign to increase app usage and consumer longevity for your business.

Sleek Measurement Tools

Focused on helping SMBs grow, AdWords’ enhanced measuring tool will allow businesses to have a better view of conversion rates from re-installs to purchases right at their fingertips.

Enterprise Class Tools

Perhaps the most exciting of the new features, AdWords’ self-styled new tool box provides SMBs with

  • More bulk actions
  • Automated bidding
  • Advanced reporting
  • Labs

You can check out Google’s announcement on AdWords’ blog, but the jist of the relaunch looks to be much more SMB-friendly with better integration and management of big data for your business.

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