Write for Firmology: Who We’re Looking For

Want to write for Firmology? You’ve come to the right place. Firmology is growing fast and we’re looking for contributors who have something interesting to say about small business technology and innovation.

We’re looking for small business owners and professionals, technology industry professionals, tech enthusiasts and innovators who are passionate about their views and want to share insight with one another.


Small Business Owners & Professionals

It all revolves around you, the small business owner or professional. Without you in mind, we wouldn’t have launched Firmology. We know the struggles and personal sacrifices you make on a daily basis running your own business and we want to make it easier. Learning from one another is the best way to shorten the path to success, so let’s hear your stories, case studies or experiences.

Technology Professionals

Are you in the small business technology space? Do you have some insight or trends to share on emerging mobile payment platforms, the long-term viability of the daily deals industry, Social CRM or any other small business tech-related subject?

Technology Enthusiasts

You know who you are. The technology enthusiast. While everyone knows someone that spends all their free time watching sports, they also know someone like you who spends all their free time reading up on the latest startups, technology trends, new products and feature releases. When someone mentions a problem they have running their business or managing a project, you always seem to know what web app, mobile app or service might come in handy.


The former accountant who launched a successful t-shirt company using social media, the nerdy MBA students who disrupted eye-wear industry, and the twin brothers who created performance-enhancing basketball sneakers that were banned by the NBA. Yes, we write about small business tech, but we also write about small business innovation. You’ve created an innovative product, innovative business model or disrupted an old industry.

Who Are:


We don’t want anyone to write for the site if they don’t feel like writing. We want people who just can’t help voice their thoughts, the people who write 5 paragraph comments with ease, hang out in discussion forums, call in to radio shows, send articles of interest to one another and spend hours in a fiery debate on business news, trends and insights with fellow small business owners and colleagues.


You always have an opinion backed by experience, strong reasoning and analysis, whether you end up right or wrong. If you’re wrong, you admit it and brush it off as you move build your case on your next opinion.


Are you wise beyond your years? Did you go through a learning experience, good or bad, that you’d like to share with others, so that they don’t have to make the same mistakes or reinvent the wheel? Do you have some useful tips and tricks?


You have a unique perspective that may cause a healthy debate to ensue, perhaps even spark a bit of controversy. Bring it on! As long as your opinion, news or story isn’t against the law in most countries, we’d love to hear it.


As interesting news breaks, we’ll seek your opinion and analysis. Why did Google buy Wildfire? What do you think of Facebook’s latest feature for small businesses? How will small businesses be affected by Amazon’s same day shipping product? Have your thoughts written and ready to go. Extra points if you proactively send us your breakdown of a news item or topic before we even have a chance to ask.

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